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Your body & your mind are your most valuable assets.  

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Our health is our ultimate wealth and the way we choose to invest in it will affect every single aspect of our life.

From our ability to concentrate and perform professionally to our ability to enjoy quality time with our family & friends. We don´t all have to aspire to being superfit but we all want to be able to move freely, painlessly and happily in our everyday life & as we get older.

Our ability to live a fulfilling, healthy & happy life is greatly determined by what we eat & how well we look after ourself on a daily basis. Exercise is essential but contrary to popular belief, it´s in the area of food, hydration, sleep & relaxation that you can create real transformation in the way you look & feel. 




With the right guidance and advice, improving your diet & lifestyle is much easier than what you might think and the benefits will far outweigh any amount of hours spent at the gym.

I know this because I was the girl who spent up to 20 hours a week at the gym, who ate "pretty healthy" but thought the way I would get lean  & feel great was by eating "low calorie" and spending as much time as possible "burning calories".

It wasn´t until I ran into health problems that I realised that no amount of exercise would ever make up for the inflammation caused by the foods I was eating.  

I realised that the key to being healthy and feeling vibrant, energised, focused & happy was not to avoid calories but to embrace nutrients!

I stopped seeing calories as the enemy and started nourishing myself with natural, nutritious & delicious food, the type of foods our bodies strive on. The weight fell off, my mind got clearer and my spirit lifted.

It´s truly amazing what eating nutritious & delicious food can do to your mind & your body. Food is so much more than calories. It´s information that will affect your hormones, your gut bacteria and is often what will determine whether you will stay healthy or get ill.    

This is why I´ve made it my mission in life to show you how amazing your body is designed to feel when it is properly nourished & to help you improve how you look after yourself on a daily basis.

Once you start reaping the benefits in the form of more energy, a fresher mind, a leaner body & a happier soul, you will feel so good that you´ll never want to have it any other way.

No matter where you´re at on your journey, I will meet you there and help you set actionable steps to dramatically improve the way you eat, move & think and keep you accountable for sticking with them.

I will help you deal with any mind blocks or lingering baggage (we all have them) and keep you motivated & moving forward no matter what. 

Together we will break the habits that no longer serve you and set weekly targets to integrate new ones that will make you feel like a badass :)

We will find the foods that energize you, the type of smart movement that makes you fit and the healthy habits that will sustain your health & happiness!

We will work out what balance feels best for you and make it sustainable within your unique set of circumstances. 

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life but the only person who can make that happen for you, is YOU. Take the first step today by scheduling a time to talk.

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Think it´s going to be hard? It will be much easier than you think!

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What are you waiting for?

What could be more important than for you to feel well? 

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7 easy steps to start eating healthier!

It may sound silly but I always say that the first step to start eating healthier is having healthier food in your fridge! 

We all have a tendency to buy the same food over and over again because it´s easy and it doesn´t require us to think too much. But if you want to improve your diet and start eating healthier, you´ll have to make a habit of buying healthier foods. Here are a seven steps to help make this easier!

Healthy fridge

1) Make a list. Take 15-20 minutes every week to seek out some new healthy recipes that require little time & effort to prepare. You can find a bunch of them on my website and all over the web. Make a shopping list based on the ingredients you´ll need and go buy them.

2) Develop a few new staples you enjoy and are quick to make. We all have our fallback meals for when we are short on time or can´t be bothered thinking. Mine used to be a toasted cheese & tuna sandwich. Now it varies from season to season but it´s generally a kale salad or a chickpea, tomato & vegetable "throwinthepan" kinda job in autumn/winter.

I always make sure I have the ingredients for these things in my fridge & pantry. The latter requires a can of chickpeas, a can of chopped tomatoes, an onion, a leek, some vegetable stock & some hot sauce (optional) at a minimum. If I happen to have more vegetables on hand I´ll just add them to the mix. You can find my nourishing kale recipe here!

Go frozen. This is a good way of always having vegetables on hand. I always have frozen organic peas in my freezer and tend to throw them in pretty anywhere when I´m desperate for something to add to my soups & stews.

I´ll also generally have broccoli & cauliflower florets (to make cauliflower pizza :) You can find the recipe here!

Choose pre prepped. Choose vegetables that have been washed & sliced in advance. Alternatively, wash and cut them yourself before putting them in the fridge. It takes away the hassle of doing so when you need them and reduces cooking time when you´re hungry!

I try to always keep a tupperware of washed spinach & kale in my fridge so that I can add some leafy greens without any hassle to an omelet, a smoothie or a stew!

5) Don´t be afraid of canned foods. Always read the ingredients label and if possible buy glass jars as opposed to aluminium tinned foods. Chickpeas, black beans & chopped tomatoes are some of the things that always come in handy!

6) Don´t be afraid of dried pulses. They take a little longer to prepare because they require soaking (this is really important) but they last forever in your cupboard. I´ll often soak & cook up a big batch of brown lentils or coral lentils on the weekend and then stick it in a tupperware so I can add them to salads, soups, curries or anything I dream up during the week.

7) Buy whole grains. Quinoa & oats last forever in your cupboard and are excellent whole grains that are packed with nutrients, have a low Glycemic Index and will make a happy addition to a breakfast, to snacks or as an easy lunch. Again, cook up a batch of quinoa on the weekend and just throw it in with whatever vegetables you have on hand. Check out one of my favourite quick quinoa recipes here

8) Strive for improvement, not for perfection. Often people give up because they set the bar too high and they believe anything less than perfection is failure. It is not. The way we shop & eat is a result of deeply engrained habits.

The key is to create new habits and this doesn´t happen overnight. Find one or two new healthy recipes a week to try out and see if they could become part of your new quick & easy staple meals. This way you gradually build up a new repertoire of healthy recipes you enjoy!

Alternatively, sign up to my 10 day detox and get 10 days of quick & easy recipes with the adjoining shopping lists and daily assistance to keep you on track. More info on this can be found here! 

If you´re unsure where to start or that you travel & eat out a lot, reach out for a chat and we can create a tailor made plan to suit your specific needs!

As always, feel free to comment or reach out if you have any questions!

Maddy x

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Fiber

When it comes to fiber, there are more ways to eat them than just chomping on some prunes. (Which also totally might not be your thing to begin with.)

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