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You didn´t fail at the diet, the diet failed you

Dieting birds

The New Year is a great time to reconsider our health and to make resolutions that better support it.

I know that a lot of people are going on diets at the moment or maybe even detoxes or committing to exercising more. And these are all very good intentions.

I tend to think that we are slowly moving away from the era of fad diets because people are starting to realize that they don´t work but unfortunately they´re still out there and their promises are easy to succumb to at this time of the year.

So if you´re considering going on a diet or that you´re already on one, or maybe you´ve already given up because of the frustration, I wanted to tell you the following:

Diets most often don´t work, not because of a lack of discipline, but because they make us ignore a vital mechanism in our body that is designed to send us messages with regards to what we need in terms of fuel.

Our bodies are very intelligent and they´re constantly sending us messages in the form of cravings, intuitions and sometimes even health problems. By going on a diet, you are effectively trying to fight this mechanism and to overpower it by following something that has been written on a sheet of paper, most often by someone who knows nothing about you.

So diets don´t only fail because they most often don´t take into account your specific needs but because they go against the way we were designed as humans.

Our bodies are designed to be healthy and know exactly what they need in terms of fuel. The trouble is that we have completely lost the ability to listen to our bodies and to read the messages they are sending us. Not only because a lot of the foods being produced today are screwing with this mechanism, but also because somehow we have been told that following a diet written by someone else is going to be better for us than following our own intuition.

YOU are the best person to know how to fuel your body because you´re the one receiving its messages. My job is to give you the knowledge to decrypt those messages and to clean up your diet in order to restore the well functioning of the mechanism that regulates your hunger. By doing this you will not only lose the excessive weight (we are not designed to be overweight…) but you will gain a skill that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Our health is our most important wealth yet we are never really taught how to care for it. We are constantly being bombarded by messages from the media and advertisers about what is good and bad for us but a lot of the times these messages just create confusion.

So if you´re interested in finding out how Health Coaching can help you take charge of your health and make you the expert of it, schedule a free consultation with me today. Together we will discuss your current lifestyle and your goals and how I can help you reach them.