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Good calories V bad calories

Have you ever been for lunch with a really skinny person and asked yourself how the hell they can eat all that food and still remain thin? Or have you ever been for a meal with a heavily overweight person and asked yourself how the hell they can be so big when they eat so little? I think a lot of us can relate to this.

Some will say that this is down to genetics and to some extent I believe that this is true but not entirely. We´ve always been told that the number of calories we eat need to equate the number of calories out or else we will put on or lose weight. It kind of makes sense but what if all calories weren´t created equal and that some were more easily “burnt” off than others? And what if the type of food we eat had an effect on the hormones in charge of fat storage? In other words, what if some foods trigger fat storage and others just give you energy and happily pass through your system to come out the other end?

In my mind, it makes more sense to look at weight gain/loss in those terms than just calories in/out. And the more I talk with clients, the more I realize that people who eat a lot of white flour, processed foods & sugar tend to have more trouble going to the loo than those who eat natural foods. In fact, one of the first things people tend to tell me when they clean up their diet is that suddenly their bowels start functioning again… Ok so this might not be the sexiest subject for a blog post but I thought it was worth putting those thoughts out there! J Haha!

The bottom line is that eating cleaner foods and ditching the processed foods is a much more productive way of addressing your weight & health concerns rather than counting calories. This is why most calorie counting diets don´t work and why my approach is focused on the quality of calories rather than quantity. Once you start improving the quality of what you eat, your body will automatically start being more responsive to quantities and you will no longer experience the toxic hunger that comes with sugar laden processed foods. And that´s when the weight will naturally start coming off and your mind will start to freshen up too!

If you are interested in learning more about Good calories V Bad calories, I highly recommend reading this book by Gary Taubes.