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It´s ok not to be ok

I spoke with a dear friend last night who I reached out to because I was feeling down. She kindly listened to me as I poured my heart out for an hour and these were her parting words... And I wanted to share them with you because they truly stuck with me.

I think we all like to make others believe that our life is perfect and that we're always happy, and social media is a perfect outlet for that. I'm definitely guilty of that because I don't think anyone enjoys reading negative things or people's rants. I also feel like it's my job to help others see the positive and to lift them up so this is what I try to do. But I've realized that this can sometimes lead us to believe that there's something wrong with us when we're experiencing lows. But there's not.

Everyone has ups & downs in their life and anyone who tells you the contrary is lying, mainly to themselves. Nobody has a perfect life and sometimes things happen that are really shit. 2016 was a real shit year for me on many levels, most of which I did not share on social media, and my approach was to push though and focus on the positive. I reached out to a couple of friends at the end of last year and their advice came from a really good place and was always along the lines of "maybe you need to meditate more", "focus on the positive" "sleep more" "do more yoga". These are all great recommendations and ones I would probably have given to others too. But actually all I needed was the reassurance that it's ok to sometimes not be ok.

Focusing on the positive is a good approach but at the same time I think that by resisting sadness it kind of makes it persist even more. So let's allow ourselves to not be ok sometimes. I like to think that everyone has a good heart and that by focusing on the positive in everyone and every situation the negative will fade. But not everyone is made of sugar & honey. And sometimes it's ok to feel disappointed in others & in ourselves and instead of resisting that, let's embrace it and accept it. This is the space I want to be in and create for others to express themselves too. Nobody's got this thing called life down to a T, even those that live in Monaco, eat healthy, drink green smoothies, meditate and do Pilates & Yoga :)

So let's support each other, grow from our mistakes and let each other know that sometimes it's ok not to be ok. On that note, I wish you a badass day ❤


Oriana Fowler
Tue, January 24, 201710:35 AM
Oriana Fowler
Love this post and sentiment!