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The big elephant in the room when it comes to healthy eating

Michael Pollan - if it comes from a plant

I listened to a really interesting lecture by Mark Bittman last week. He´s a food writer and spoke about how a lot of the food that is being sold today, shouldn´t even be allowed to be called food because it doesn´t fulfill its role of being nutritious.

What he means by that is that a lot of modern foods are exempt of real nutrients and filled with crap instead! I´m talking high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, trans fats, colorings and preservatives. These things are added to our foods to make them tastier, more appealing and to last longer on our shelves but they are creating havoc on our health!

And what I´ve noticed from working with clients is that instead of addressing this issue first, most people are much more concerned about whether they are getting enough protein, or if they´re eating too many calories or too many carbs. But these concerns are completely irrelevant if you eat foods that are full of chemical crap that are ruining your health and screwing up your metabolism!

The first thing we need to ask ourselves is “how much processing has what I´m eating had to go through in order to reach my plate?” If we´re looking at vegetables, fruits, beans and even meat and fish, the answer is: not a lot. If it´s white bread or a bagel, it´s considerably more and if it´s something that comes in a shiny packaging with a list of 17 ingredients, the answer is probably a lot. It doesn´t matter if they have “healthy”, “natural”, “low fat”, or “gluten free” written on them. Most of these terms are completely unregulated (or very loosely regulated) and what we should look out for is not what they are exempt of, but what has been added in instead!

Our bodies were designed to digest food, REAL food, not chemical shit bombs. Every time we eat, we have the choice to either support our health and immunity by eating foods that are natural, filled with nutrients & free of chemical crap or to feed it with “empty calories” that will leave us craving for more. Because that´s what most of these foods were designed to do. 

So if you´re struggling with your weight or just generally want to eat healthier, the single most powerful thing you can do is to cut out the processed crap!

You can still eat delicious foods and even have meat, wine and whatever hell you want. Just eat more vegetables and focus on REAL food!

And by eating this way your body will naturally lead you to the foods it needs and any concerns about protein, vitamins or any other micronutrients will mostly sort themselves out by themselves!