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Why everyone can benefit from a Health Coach... including you!

I often get asked what the difference is between a Health Coach and a Dietitian or a Nutritionist and I guess the short answer is that as a Health Coach I look at a bigger picture than just the food on your plate. I help my clients make improvements to all the elements that affect their wellbeing including sleep, stress, hydration & exercise as well.

Most of us already have a rough idea of what we should be doing to improve our diet but a lot of the times we fail to take the steps required because we forget what our motivations are and we don´t have anyone to be accountable to. A lot of the times we´ll also take the most extreme measures to “detox” or lose weight only to give up a few days later because it´s not compatible with our social life, or our life in general and that we decide that being happy is more important than eating "healthy" and being miserable.

This is where a Health Coach can step in and help you understand your motivations and make changes that are sustainable and suit YOUR unique needs. Everyone is different and today´s constant stream of information about diets, superfoods and coconut oil craziness can get very confusing. Through my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I haven´t just learned about over 100 dietary theories, I´ve also been trained to coach my clients by abiding to the following principles:

·      Bio individuality: One person´s food can be another person´s poison. We are all unique and what works for you may not work for your neighbor nor for your sister or brother. My job is to help you discover which foods make you strive and which ones wear you down. There are some general guidelines that are true for everyone (we can all benefit from eating less crap a.k.a processed food & sugar) but we all react differently to meat, whole grains and certain other foods too.

·      Primary food: We´ve all been there… we feel like crap and we reach for the tub of ice-cream, a glass (or a bottle…) of wine or our favorite snack. We´re not hungry, we just need something to make ourselves feel a little better.  As a Health Coach I help my clients address the issues that are making them feel crap at times so that they don´t reach for food (or booze) for comfort. Some of the areas we work together to seek improvements to are relationships, exercise & careers but also having a spiritual practice like meditation if the client is open to this. When we are fulfilled in all these areas in our lives, we are less likely to reach for food for comfort. The food we eat becomes secondary.

·      Practical information: So you need to add more greens to your diet but besides boiling broccoli you´re not feeling so creative about it? This is where I provide you with lots of easy, delicious and quick recipes that suit your unique needs and tips for what to order when you eat out as well. I will even write you a shopping list or if you´re one of my VIP clients I will come over to your house and empty your kitchen of any crap to replace it with healthy ingredients along with super duper easy recipes for you to make on a whim. Or if you´re lucky enough to have a private chef who prepares your food, I will consult with them to consistently improve your diet to suit YOUR specific needs.

·      Empowerment: My objective is not just to give you a list of foods to eat & not to eat but to empower you with the knowledge you need to make better choices for yourself, forever. Once you will have experienced what it´s like to nourish yourself with foods that truly make you feel lighter, happier & more energised, you will no longer want to eat the foods that were wearing you down and you will understand why. We really are what we eat so improving your diet will not only improve your digestion, your weight & your skin but your thoughts and your energy levels too!

So in short, my job is to get to know my clients the best I can and to be their biggest cheerleader in their quest to become healthier & happier by providing them with all the motivation, accountability, knowledge & practical advice they need to do so!

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