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Why I decided to become a Health Coach

Even though I studied Politics and thought I would make my career working for the UN, I´ve always been passionate about health & fitness and working as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach makes me feel like I´ve finally found my vocation. 

Supporting others in feeling better in their bodies and getting rid of any symptoms by improving their diet & lifestyle is something I really love and I feel I was made for. But I didn´t get to this point without having to go through my own struggles first. So here is a little glimpse of what it took!

When I was in my early twenties I was a bit obsessed with eating healthy. I was eating “low fat” & “low calorie” foods and working out to “burn calories” yet I was feeling like crap. I was obsessed with my health yet I was feeling worse than ever and suffering from candida. Candida overgrowth is a common condition that relates to imbalances in the gut flora.

After several rounds of medication, I got referred to a naturopath who suggested the cause of my disease was in my diet. Needless to say that this came as a massive surprise since I thought I was eating very healthy. It turned out that even though most of the food I was eating was labeled as healthy, it couldn´t be further from it. It was actually what was feeding my disease!

After two consultations with the naturopath I got sent home with a piece of paper saying I needed to eliminate all sugar, caffeine, gluten and dairy from my diet for a year. I was allowed 1 piece of fruit a day and told to be creative. Thanks.

I was in pieces and I had no idea where to start but I was determined to give it a shot since I really wanted to feel better. The first 3 weeks were tough. I had no clue what to eat and the first week I felt like a druggie because I was craving sugar so bad. I was moody, angry and had no one to turn to for support but I was determined to see things through.

Within less than a month, all my symptoms completely disappeared and along with it the bloating, the extra weight & the fatigue. Suddenly I started feeling lighter and my mind cleared up. Every day I started waking up a little fresher and slowly I was starting to feel much happier again. It was like a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders, and my belly.

I´ve never really been fat but in those days I had some stubborn puppyfat stuck around my waist that had been causing me some grief but that suddenly vanished. My body had finally gotten rid of the toxins that were making me ill and I was back to being happy & full of beans again.

Even though the benefits were huge, the road there was not the easiest. I had very little support and was pretty much left to my own devices so I started devouring books, trying new recipes and learning as much as I could about how food can either cause or cure inflammation in our bodies. I realized that a lot of the information we are being fed by the media and the food industry today is extremely confusing and most often doesn't benefit our health.

Sure you might lose some weight by eating powders, pills or diet bars but will it really benefit your health? No. This is why I wanted to develop a program that would help others with the prime objective of improving their health & happiness, not just to lose weight. The weight loss becomes the byproduct. Once the inflammation reduces as a result of a healthier diet, our digestion improves and everything starts working better so the weight comes off naturally.

Chronic inflammation is the underlying issue to most diseases and also the reason why many people are holding on to unwanted weight. I wasn´t carrying those extra 5kgs because I wasn´t working out enough or because I was eating too many calories. I was running up to 70kms a week, going to the gym every day and eating less than 2000 calories a day. The reason I was sick & carrying a little extra weight was because I was eating the wrong foods and putting my body under too much stress from the toxins they contained but also from overtraining.

It took me a long time to make sense of this because we are all led to believe that fat storage is a result of too many calories in V not enough calories out. While this might be true if you study a mechanical engine, it doesn´t work for humans because we have so much else going on that affects how we burn calories including what we eat, our emotions and how many toxins our bodies are trying to process at the same time.

It´s been over 8 years since I turned around my diet and even though the first few weeks were hard, I would never go back to the way I was eating and training before. It was way too hard work and too frustrating. Now I´ve realized what my body is meant to feel like and I´ve connected the dots between eating crap & feeling like crap there is no turning back.

I still sometimes have a little something I know might not be the best for my health like ice cream or chocolate cake but I do so without any feelings of guilt or shame. I know that most of the foods I choose to eat are good for me so the little exceptions here & there are not going to mess that up.

It feels liberating to finally be free from calorie counting & worrying about fat content and to focus my attention on eating foods that make me healthy & happy instead! I´ve probably had a little cold only 2 or 3 times in the past 8 years which is a massive change since I would pick up every single bug when I was younger.

Every time we eat we have the choice to either enhance inflammation or reduce it and even though it´s an evolving journey, I´ve finally come to understand what works for me. And this is what I help others achieve too. It´s not so much about the quantities that we eat as it is about the quality of our food. Knowing what is good for our bodies and what isn´t is an individual journey but one I am passionate about leading others onto.

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