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How to burn off those summer calories

I don´t know about you but during the holidays I tend to let things slip a little when it comes to what I eat & drink (oops, I´m only human!) so when I get back home in September I´m pretty excited to start cooking my own food & eating healthy again.

I know summer is over so the whole "6 packs are made in the kitchen" crap may be a bit out of date. And maybe having a 6 pack is not exactly something that you strive for but regardless of that, I think we all want to

Look & feel our best! 

Wake up full of beans! 

Have beautiful radiant skin,

Have a fresh & focused mind so we can perform well at work

AND slide into our favorite pants effortlessly!


Well it doesn't take endless hours of paving the pavement or getting beaten up by a trainer to get there.


I know it sucks to hear this if you're training your ass off and believe me, it's not the best thing to say for business as I also work as a Pilates teacher but it's true! I´ve been there. I´ve done that.

This whole "I´ll just burn it off at the gym" thing might work for a short while but it never lasts the distance, especially if you get injured, as I have on a few occasions! 

Sooner or later, you´ll have to address the reasons why your body is holding onto unwanted weight and that starts with reviewing what you put on your plate.

What you eat makes up the cells of your body and therefore has a direct impact on the way you feel, look & think.

But if like me, you´ve indulged in a few too many glasses of your favorite drink this summer or eaten a few too many ice-creams even though you know this isn't the smartest thing to do for your health (we all do it...) then I still have good news for you!


So overindulging a little during the summer holidays is fine & perfectly normal, as long as you go back to eating healthy when you return to your routine!

Sometimes this is more difficult than what we may think because our bodies keep asking us for sugar, alcohol or any other of the bad habits we might have picked up on holiday. 

Sugar is addictive & so is alcohol (because it´s basically sugar) so as long as we keep consuming them, our bodies will keep asking for them.

Trying to “reduce” your sugar consumption is like telling a cocaine addict to ”practice moderation” by only having one line a day. It doesn´t always work.

Which is why my strategy is always to cut out the crap completely by going on a detox. Of course detoxing can be tricky because not all detox programs deliver the same results.

Many detox programs actually do more harm than good because they´re more of a temporary band-aid approach, don´t promote real healing and leave you desperately hungry.

But that´s not the case with my 10 day detox. Unlike most programs, it actually involves eating REAL FOOD! No juicing, no disgusting powders or pills.

It´s a full meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks as well as shopping lists & recipes of nutritious & delicious food that is super quick & easy to prepare, is full of antioxidants to reduce inflammation & to activate your body's natural ability to burn fat!

Sounds to good to be true? It isn´t. One of the main reasons people hold onto unwanted weight even though they eat pretty healthy is because of the buildup of toxins. The body is so busy dealing with the toxins that fat burning gets relegated.

By removing all the most common inflammatory foods from your diet (gluten, dairy & refined sugar) and flooding your system with the most powerful anti inflammatory foods, your metabolism will fire up, your cravings for junk food will disappear, your energy levels will go through the roof & you´ll start burning fat again!

So how much do you really want to look & feel your best?

Do you really want to discover how amazing your body is designed to feel when it´s properly nourished?

Or would you rather just stick to slaving away at the gym in the hope that it will one day pay off? 

No amount of training will do what healthy eating does and the beginning of that starts here