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I´ve always been pretty active but I went through a phase of working out really hard, every day, sometimes twice. At the same time, I was counting calories, avoiding fat, barely drinking any alcohol and mainly eating foods that had a health label on them: "low fat", "healthy" , "gluten free" you name it... Basically I was doing everything that was claimed to be "healthy" yet I was bitterly unhappy with the way I looked and the way I felt.

It wasn´t until I got injured from over training that I discovered Pilates and it was love at first sight. Pilates helped improve my posture and finally got me the long lean muscles I had trained so hard for before. What I didn´t know then was that the amount and the type of training I had been doing before I got injured were completely wrong for my body type and for what I wanted to achieve. So Pilates helped with realising that.

It also helped change the relationship I had with my body by making me realise that instead of pushing it through gruesome workouts, I needed to care for its specific needs by making it stronger in the areas it was weak, more flexible in the areas it was stiff and treat it with kindness throughout.


This is what I now call SMART MOVEMENT and this became a real game changer for me. It is what has helped my body stay strong and healthy to carry on with my daily life but it is also what has helped me learn how to surf, ski better, learn how to snowboard, paddle board and improve my horse riding. By being smart with the exercise I do on a regular basis, it has improved my skill in the sports I only get to practice occasionally. 

Maddy of Maddywell Health Coaching stretching in New York

Maddy of Maddywell in a kitchen in New York


In my mid twenties I ran into some health issues that brought on another life changer. After living on what I thought was an extremely healthy diet that was making me extremely frustrated, I got told that my diet was not healthy at all! In fact, it was actually what was making me sick. This came as a bit of a surprise since I was literally ONLY living on foods that were labelled as "HEALTHY". It turns out, they were full of shit!

So I started educating myself about nutrition and most importantly I started testing on myself what foods I digested well and gave me energy, and which ones were causing me trouble. I also started to realise that by eating "real" healthy food (as in mainly the ones without a health claim on them) my cravings started to change, my energy started to increase and I was no longer dealing with the toxic hunger pangs I had struggled with before. It took a bit of time but in the end, I gained the knowledge I needed to understand what foods worked for ME.

On a physical level this has made a massive difference because suddenly all the weight I had been training so hard to get rid of, came off naturally & easily. On a mental level, it completely released me from the confusion I had about food before. I now know what foods are healthy for me and even though these aren´t set in stone and can fluctuate from season to season, I now have the skills to identify them. And when I feel like eating something that´s a little less healthy then I do that too. I have no rules and I´m not on any specific diet. I´m on the Maddy diet, the diet that works for me. And the truth is, we are all unique and what works for me may not work for you. But what I can do is to give you the knowledge you need to find the foods to privilege and the ones to crowd out in order to give to your body what is optimal for YOU.

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