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This guided nutrition program is for those who never want to go on a diet, a detox or be confused about what to eat ever again. It´s for those who are ready to kiss their cravings for sugar & junk food goodbye and who want to recondition their bodies to crave healthy foods instead.

By following this program you are setting yourself up for lifetime of healthy eating in a way that will feel natural & easy for you. This is not a diet nor a temporary fix. This is your chance to get rid of all the crap in your body and to reprogram it to naturally crave healthy foods, to lose any unwanted weight easily and to feel amazing as a result!

This program will free you from diet beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from success and provide you with a new way of living that will finally deliver the results you´ve always wanted, without the calorie counting, the feelings of deprivation or the guilt.

This program will  

•    Activate your body´s natural ability to burn fat, especially stubborn belly fat

•    Boost your energy levels, your confidence and your clarity of mind

•    Make you feel empowered & confident in the choices you make around food

•    Create effortless appetite control

•    Reduce inflammation and boost your immune system

•    Reprogram your metabolism

•    Shut off your fat storing genes

•    De bug your digestive system

•    Improve your skin, your mood & your sleep

Week 1: Mindset, goal setting and detox planning

In our first consultation we will map out your current state of mind & body and set clear goals for what you want to achieve. Having the right mindset & understanding your motivations are key in achieving your goals. These may include physical goals such as losing weight & having more energy but also mental goals such as better self-confidence, more clarity of mind & less stress. This is as much about detoxing your diet as it is about decluttering your mind.

Action steps:

You will be given a shopping list with ingredients to buy ahead of your detox week and be requested to throw out any lingering junk food from your cupboards and fridge.  

Alcohol is one of the main vehicles we use to bring toxicity to our system and removing it from your diet is therefore a necessary step. It will help you gain more clarity and focus with regards to what you want to achieve. You will be expected to stop alcohol for at least the first 2 weeks of this program.

Week 2: Detox - Out with the bad, in with the good 

As you will learn from this program, inflammation is the number 1 cause for disease but also the reason why people hold onto unwanted weight. What you eat can either trigger inflammation or reduce it. This session will tell you in detail how inflammation affects your health and what you can do to reduce it. 

Action steps:

You will be given a list of the most common inflammatory foods and detailed reasons why you should be removing them from your diet during your detox. You will also be given a list of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods along with quick & easy recipes to flood your system with wholesome, nutritious & delicious foods that will help your body to heal, detoxify & shed excess pounds.

Examples of recipes can be found here:

Very berry smoothie

Spicy chickpea & sweet potato burger

Sweet jacket potato

Week 3: Caffeine & belly fat

Most of us are dependent on caffeine in one way or another and while there can be certain benefits to drinking small amounts of it, too much can trigger inflammation and prevent you from losing belly fat. Managing your caffeine intake is key in allowing your body time to reset & repair, lose weight and lower your chances of disease.

Action step:

You will be given clear scientific facts about how coffee affects your body and its relationship with stress & weight management. You will be given alternatives to coffee and encouraged to reduce your consumption to 1 or 2 cups a day, or to eliminate it completely for a week.

Week 4: The skinny secret on fat

For years we have been told to avoid fat at all costs yet fat is essential to our diet & wellbeing and most people who are trying to lose weight are not getting enough of it. This session will be dedicated to understanding what fats are beneficial to your health and in what quantities & when you need them.

Action step:

You will be given a fact sheet about fats and practical ways to integrate good fats into your diet. 

Week 5: Getting a handle on carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the most confusing subjects in nutrition and can either boost or bust your health. This week is dedicated to educate you about why all carbs are not created equal, why you shouldn´t be “cutting them out” and why quality is more important than quantity. 

Action step:

You will be given a fact sheet about the different types of carbohydrates and get support in finding the balance in which you need them in your diet.

Week 6: Getting the lowdown on protein

Just like carbohydrates, protein remains a confusing subject. Too much protein can cause symptoms such as low energy, constipation, stiff joints & weight gain while too little protein can be a cause for sugar cravings, fatigue & difficulties to concentrate. Quality beats quantity. This session is designed to help you navigate the numerous sources of protein and make choices that are non-toxic and in the right quantities. 

Action step:

You will be given a list of the best sources of protein and encouraged to diversify your consumption and find the balance that works best for you.

Week 7: Stress management, sleep & mindfulness 

Now that you´ve got your diet under control, it´s time to take a peak at the other areas of your life that affect your wellbeing! 

Action step:

Just like food, stress can create toxicity in your body and learning how to reduce it is easier than what you may think. We all have busy lives with a million things to do each day but this week you will be given practical advice on how to reduce stress, improve your sleep & boost your brain power so that you are more present, more efficient and alert in your day to day life. 

Week 8: It´s a wrap! 

Our last session together is designed to celebrate your achievements and identifying the benefits of your detox and how you can maintain them in your life. We will make a full assessment to track your achievements and answer any questions that remain. We will also start mapping out a plan to make sure you stick with your new habits and keep nurturing your health & happiness in the future.  

What you get:

A full assessment of your physical & mental state before starting 
Weekly 50´ personal sessions via Skype or FaceTime for 8 weeks
A specifically designed journal to keep track of your progress
Information sheets on key elements in nutrition & the skills to apply them 
A carefully designed meal plan to reduce inflammation and control blood sugar levels + your shopping lists for week 2 (detox week)
3 additional recipes per week (all gluten, dairy & refined sugar free) for the remaining weeks.
A list of healthy snacks you can buy for when you´re on the go.
A healthy lifestyle guide with practical advice to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase your focus & alertness in your day to day life. 
A full assessment of your physical & mental wellbeing at the end of your program & a list of your achievements. 

Get all of this with my 1 on 1 attention & accountability to keep you on track for 990 GBP/1080 EUR/1270 USD.

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