Fit Body Fresh Mind

1 on 1 Health Coaching

Personal online health coaching

This program addresses all elements of health (food, movement, hydration, sleep & stress management) and is designed to find the balance that truly works for YOU.

Together we will schedule 2 personal consultations per month in person or by phone (depending on your location) during which we will cover the following points:

  • Assessing your current lifestyle, diet and exercise routine (if you have one)
  • Discussing what works and what doesn´t work, what areas we can improve & how to do so
  • Laying out YOUR goals and what a Fit Body & Fresh Mind would mean for you
  • Setting out concrete weekly action steps to improve the way you eat, move, sleep & think
  • Setting out concrete weekly action steps to improve the way you eat, move, sleep & think
  • Bite sized knowledge about food & fitness that will make you smarter about how to look after your body and ensure you stay on track
  • Concrete advice on how to stay healthy in social events (the point is not to turn you into a hermit but for you to be healthy & happy)
  • Advice on how to stay healthy when travelling (including my list of healthy food outlets in airports)
  • Recipes you enjoy and that you can quickly make on the go
  • Help with planning your meals and shopping for them
  • Advice on where to shop for groceries
  • Healthy food delivery options
  • Recommendations of coaches, studios and gyms in your area (if required)

At the beginning of the program you will receive a specifically designed journal to write down your goals and weekly action steps. It will also keep track of your meals, activity levels and healthy habits such as sleep, hydration & relaxation via a customized point system.

Enquire here for more details or to set up a free call to discuss your needs.

The Badass Personal Health Coaching Program

Have you ever dreamt of having someone that follows you around in your daily life and who taps you on the shoulder when you´re about to reach for the bag of crisps? Or that gently nudges you into ordering healthy when eating out? This type of service does not come cheap but if you´re determined to feel healthier, to lose that extra weight & keep it off, I could be your best ally. 

By following you around in your daily life, I will help you make small improvements to your lifestyle that will have a big effect on the way you feel and look. This may include the following:
  • Emptying your kitchen cupboards of all their junk and replacing it with healthy foods instea
  • Organizing a way of provisioning your home with healthy foods
  • Making sure your secretary stops bringing you biscuits to your meetings and provides you with healthier alternatives instead
  • Finding healthy lunch options you enjoy and that can be delivered to your desk when required
  • Staying healthy at social & business events
  • Finding concrete solutions for you to stay fresh & healthy when travelling
  • Training of staff & Private Chefs when required
  • Getting healthy options for your in flight catering
  • Establishing a smart movement program with existing or new coaches at a time & location that work for you

Enquire here for more details or to set up a free call to discuss your needs.

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