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Operation Badass

Maddy of Maddywell Health Coaching Operation Badass, Costa Rica

Starting on September 4th, this group program is designed to help you kick your old habits and get you feeling like a badass!

By following this program you will:

·       Get educated about the basics in nutrition by learning how to differentiate the healthy from the unhealthy, how to read labels and how to choose the foods that are right for YOU! 

·       Based on your knowledge you will discover a way of eating that meets YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS.

·       Improve your digestion and have more energy!

·       Feel lighter, leaner & lose any unwanted weight in a way that feels natural & easy!

·       Re establish your natural hunger mechanism so that you can trust your gut for what & when to eat! 

·       Feel 100% confident with the choices you make by following what your body is telling you!

·       Enjoy a variety of foods and never feel deprived or count calories ever again!

·       Uncover the foods that make you strive and help integrate more of them into your life in a way that is simple and time efficient!

·       Identify the foods that are wearing you down and help you eliminate them from your general diet

·       Help you prioritize healthy habits such as good sleep, smart movement, hydration & mindfulness

·       Making time for the things that make you HAPPY!

We will achieve this by following these steps:

·       In the first week you will benefit from a 50´ PRIVATE CONSULTATION where we will review your current diet & lifestyle choices and establish your motivations and goals for feeling like a badass.

·       From week 2 you will be part of a group of like minded people who will be on the same journey as you and who will all commit to a 2 week elimination diet. This is the "detox" phase. We will be removing all foods that are likely to cause inflammation in the body such as sugar, dairy, refined grains & processed foods. By replacing them with more nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegan or animal sources of protein you will satisfy your body´s need for nutrients, which will have an impact on your hunger & your energy levels. 

·       After the 2 week "detox" phase, we will do a 2 week "reintroduction" phase where you will reintroduce the foods that were eliminated to see how your body reacts to them after a break. 

·       The last week of the program is the "balance" phase where you will be given the tools to find your balance of eating healthy, nutritious & delicious food 80% of the time and treating yourself to foods that are a little less healthy the rest of the time.

·       The weekly consultations will take place over the phone at 8pm GMT + 2 every Tuesday (starting Tuesday the 12th of September!) night and are intended for you to receive information about the basics in nutrition and to ask questions about your diet but also to make commitments for improvements in other areas that contribute to your wellness such as exercise, sleep, hydration & relaxation.

·       You will have my full support along the way and you will also have the support of the people who will be with you on this journey who you will be connected to via a private Facebook group. This is a great program to do with a family member or a friend!

Don´t wait and take the first step towards feeling like a badass now! Your future self will thank you for it!

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" Lao-Tzu

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