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Operation Badass

Maddy of Maddywell Health Coaching Operation Badass, Costa Rica

Starting on May 1st, this program is designed to get you feeling like a badass!

Together we will:
  • Uncover the foods that make you strive and help you integrate more of them into your life in a way that is simple and time efficient!
  • Discover the type of exercise that makes your body feel strong and make sure you have the motivation to actually DO IT!
  • Help you prioritise behaviors that benefit your health & fitness without giving up on the things that make you HAPPY!
What it includes:
  • A one on one 50´ initial consultation to assess your current lifestyle and clarify your motivations & goals for feeling like a badass!
  • Weekly group consultations covering all areas of wellness including nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration & relaxation techniques.
  • A personal journal to write down your goals, motivations & intentions and setting weekly action steps to get there
  • Weekly recipes that are super quick & easy to make
The best part is that you will be a part of a group of like minded people who will be on the same journey as you and who you will be able to connect with for motivation and support!

Earlybird rates are available! 

Enquire here for details.

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