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The 10 Day VEGAN Kickstarter

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Do you feel tired of being tired and wish you could have more energy, be less stressed and feel rejuvenated?


Do you wish you could lose that weight that´s been holding on for dear life without having to go on a diet?


Are you curious to see what the vegan rave is all about?


Maybe you´re already vegan but you´re lacking inspiration for quick meals that are nutritionally balanced?


Wherever you´re at, this program will benefit you, guaranteed.



Commit to feeling your best

Here are a few things you can expect!


Within 3-4 days


Your mind will become clearer


Your cravings for sugar will have disappeared


Your digestion will have improved


You will feel more relaxed


Your mood will be better


Within 7-8 days


Your hunger will have dramatically reduced


Your belly will be flatter


You will feel lighter and this will most likely be reflected on the scale.


Your mind will feel sharper & more alert


You will wake up fresh & rejuvenated!


Within 10 days


Your energy levels will have sky rocketed


Your immune system will be stronger


You will no longer crave sugar or junk food


Your skin will look clearer


Your mind will be fresher


Your mood will be better


You will have lost weight. The average weight loss is 2kgs


You will have developed a whole new relationship with food


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Why is this program better than any other healthy eating/weight loss plans?


Because it´s not just about losing weight. It´s about improving your health, boosting your energy levels and strengthening your immune system. We know that by making you healthier, any unwanted weight will come off naturally & easily.


By following this program you are going to flood your system with highly nutritious foods while removing the types of foods that cause inflammation and are likely to have made you put on the weight in the first place.



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Our bodies were not designed to digest all the chemicals that are present in our food today.


These toxins build up in our bodies and weigh us down, preventing our metabolism from functioning optimally. Our bodies become so focused on trying to eliminate the buildup of toxins and heal from the inflammation that there is no energy left for fat burning. 


By following this program you will help your body reboot and you will notice the difference almost immediately! The best part is that you will actually WANT TO continue eating this way long after it´s over because it will make you FEEL SO GOOD!


You will retrain your tastebuds to ACTUALLY taste and enjoy natural foods that are GOOD for YOU!


And you will finally drop the weight you so badly want to get rid of by addressing the issue at its source.


This program truly benefits everyone and will give you great results, guaranteed!




This is how it works:


The next KICKSTARTER starts on Monday the 22nd of January.


On Friday the 19th of January, you will receive an email with your meal plan, the recipes and a shopping list with the ingredients you´ll need for the first 3 days. You´ll have the weekend to get your shopping done and to prepare some of the food. 


Every 3 days you´ll get a new shopping list so that the ingredients you are using is always fresh!


The recipes are dead easy, most take less than 20 minutes to prepare and are planned so that you can do most of the preparation on the weekends & have a packed meal for lunch and snacks every day.


However, you will need 90-120 minutes each Sunday to prep a few things ahead of the week so please plan in accordance.


Once the program is started, you will receive daily emails to keep you motivated and to provide you with helpful advice to support you in your reset.


These will help you set out a strategy to up your water intake, improve your sleep & stress less. These lifestyle elements are as important in supporting your health & wellbeing as your diet and I am therefore committed to helping you in these areas too!


This is your chance to kick your bad habits in the teeth, to start experiencing how amazing your body is designed to feel when it is given optimal fuel & to start living a healthier, happier life!


Got any questions? Let´s talk.


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Banana, coconut & chia seed porridge

Sweet jacket potato with guacamole, beans & tomatoes

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