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10 Day Detox 

Activate your body´s natural ability to burn fat, lose weight & feel great in just 10 days!

I believe our bodies do best when we eat natural, whole foods that are free from preservatives, colourings & artificial crap and that are full of nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants. The problem is that that´s not always what we do... This program is designed to flood your system with nutritious & delicious foods that are free from crap and the most common inflammatory agents (gluten, dairy & refined sugar).

It’s a fully guided health and wellness program that will not only provide you with incredible short-term results (re: weight-loss, clearer skin, improved mood), but will also equip you with the information and motivation you need to continue a healthier lifestyle after the 10 days are over.

Within this program you will receive a dietary guideline for short-term and long-term success, with a full 10 day meal plan along with shopping lists , tips for success, as well as mind-blowing scientific information about different aspects of your health. Everything from the hidden reasons for hunger, to how stress & the foods you eat can either trigger inflammation or reduce it. 

You will be given practical tips on why & how to up your water intake, improve your sleep & stress less. These lifestyle elements are as important in supporting your health & wellbeing as your diet and I am therefore committed to helping you in these areas too!

This is your chance to kick your bad habits in the teeth, to start experiencing how amazing your body is designed to feel when it is given optimal fuel & to start the rest of the year on a healthier, happier note!

Through this program you will:

Retrain your tastebuds to ACTUALLY taste and enjoy natural foods
Reset your hormones
Balance your gut bacteria (the biggest health secret in developing science)
Reduce widespread inflammation
Repair your immune system
Stabilise your mood and reduce anxiety
Calm stress and refocus your mind
Stop cravings for unhealthy foods
Get hunger cues back on track (you will NEVER be hungry!)
Break old, unhealthy habits
Free yourself from diet beliefs and behaviors that are actually keeping you from success

Pleaaaase. Don't wait any longer. You have the ability & control to get lean & healthy once & for all. I'll prove it to you!
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