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"When I met Maddy I wanted to lose a few extra pounds and I thought the solution would be to run more and train harder in the gym, both of which I do not particularly enjoy.


But instead, she helped me make a few small improvements to my diet & lifestyle that really had an impact on my weight. At the same time, she introduced me to Pilates which was much softer than any other form of training I had done before yet made a real impact on the way I look and feel.


I never felt like I was on a diet and I still follow her recommendations to this day because they truly make me feel good. I am still steadily losing weight yet I no longer force myself to do training I don´t enjoy. So far I´ve lost 3kgs and I don´t even feel like I´ve been trying.”


Richard, Monaco

"I´m so thankful to Maddy for her help in getting me back into shape after my second pregnancy. She´s not only a great Health Coach & Pilates instructor but she´s a nice, cool, funny and positive person to work with too.


I did the 10 day KICKSTARTER and it was a great way to start loosing the baby weight after my second child.  Cutting off sugar, gluten and diary is really effective and I felt lighter, less bloated and more energetic already after the 3rd day! The recipes were delicious and I never felt hungry! 

On the last day of the Kickstarter, I was 2kg lighter. My muscle definition is more visible even though I didn't do any crazy workouts, just some daily movements as I was advised to do by Maddy.

I'm pleased I can feel and also see all the changes and I don't want to stop it! This is just the beginning of my healthy post baby lifestyle!

Jana, Monaco

Photo Jana_copy
Jana feeling (and looking) amazing 7 months after her C section with her second child.

"I´ve been trying to lose weight for a few years now and I´ve done juice fasts, detoxes and all sorts of diets that never really worked.
They worked for a while but as soon as I would stop I would go back to my old eating habits and the weight would creep back on.


What I like about Maddy´s approach is that she´s very positive and encourages me to do things that make me feel good and that I enjoy. I´ve always thought weight loss would come at the expense of deprivation and frustration but this hasn´t been the case with Maddy!


She changed my relationship with food to a more positive one and the weight just started dropping. I don´t feel as though I´ve been on a diet. I just feel like I´ve been more mindful of what I´ve been eating and it seems to have had an effect on my hunger which has definitely reduced.


I´ve also paid more attention to things such as getting enough sleep, stressing less & keeping hydrated. I never thought such small changes could have such a big impact on my weight and the way I feel but they´re definitely worth paying attention to!


I feel like I´m more in charge of my wellbeing and my mind feels more alert. I finally know what works best for me and I feel like sticking with it because it makes me feel good!


I´m grateful to Maddy for being such a cheerleader for my health & happiness. I feel like the changes I am making now will be beneficial to me for the rest of my life."

Sarah, London

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