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In defense of chocolate!

In defense of chocolate_copy

As you probably know, chocolate is something that is very close to my heart and that I feel quite strongly about. I believe it doesn´t just taste delicious and feed the soul but I also believe it has many health benefits! I was therefore very surprised to see that it´s the food that the British Heart Foundation encourages people to stop in order to raise money.

I´m all for raising money for a good cause but the fact that they have chosen chocolate as the food people should stop eating is a little silly because it sends the message that eating chocolate is bad and that we should stay away from it, which I believe is wrong.

I appreciate that a lot of the chocolate that is being sold today is full of sugar, dairy and even worse things such as high fructose corn syrup but the cocoa itself is not the culprit! It´s everything else that it comes with! So it really annoys me that such a respectable society as the British Heart Foundation picks on cocoa! Cocoa is not the problem!

Pick on sugar, processed foods and encourage people to stop eating refined carbs but please please please don’t pick on chocolate… Dark chocolate (we´re talking 75-80% cacao) has many health benefits including:

·      High levels of antioxidants that help prevent premature ageing and reduce inflammation.

·      A study by Ried K, et al. found that it can help lower blood pressure and another study found it can help reduce cholesterol, both of which can help prevent heart disease. Hellooooo!??! British HEART foundation!!!???

·      Another study at Harvard Medical School showed that drinking hot chocolate improves brain health and reduces memory loss in people in their seventies.

·      Finally, a study by Martin FP, et al found that drinking hot chocolate can help reduce cortisol levels, one of our primary stress hormones. Can anybody relate to the fact that consuming chocolate makes them chill out???

I encourage you to share this with your friends & family and to show your support for chocolate, REAL chocolate. Let´s not go down the same road as we did with FAT whereby we were told that all fats were bad for us to then later realize that it was wrong and that a good dose of healthy fats is actually essential for our health!

All fats are not created equal just like all chocolate is not created equal. The good stuff is truly good and the bad stuff is truly not so good. So let´s get the facts right and not throw the baby out with the bathwater!