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My 6 favorite soul foods

2013-01-24 17.38.39

I don´t know about you but sometimes I reach for food for comfort rather than fuel... Chocolate is my go to food when my soul feels a little depleted and the last few months have been quite challenging... so I have gone through a lot of chocolate :) But it´s also made me look inward and search for other ways to feed my soul. I´m still very much a work in progress and definitely not a master at this whole thing but these are the ones I have found most helpful in lifting my spirit when I have felt down:

  1. Helping others: It can be as little as holding the door open for someone or helping an elderly person with their shopping bag. By helping others we don´t only make their day but we connect with our power to make a positive impact on those around us. This is empowering and makes us feel good. It doesn´t take much time, it costs no money and it makes the World a better place so let´s all do more of that “shit”.
  2. Asking others for help: If you´re anything like me, you probably don´t want to burden your friends with your problems or reach out for help but the reality is, those who care for you will be happy to help you. Not only will it lift their spirit (back to the point above) but they will know that they can count on you for support the next time they need it too.
  3. Being grateful: I can´t emphasize how powerful this has been for me. By focusing our mind on the things we are grateful for we automatically shift into a more positive way of thinking. The way I do this is that every night when I shut my eyes to go to sleep, I think of 5 things to be grateful for. Sometimes it can be as simple as being grateful for having a shelter, food, health, friends & a loving family. Other days I will think about 5 things to be grateful for that happened during that day such as attending a great yoga class or being able to help someone I care for. It may seem futile but it´s a powerful tool in shifting our mind to a more positive mindset and lifting our spirit.
  4. Being vulnerable: This is a really hard one for me and to most people I think. Being honest about how we feel is not always cool nor is it easy but escaping it can bring bigger challenges in the long run. By opening up to others about how we feel, we automatically open up a door for them to do the same and to connect on a more authentic level. Being true to ourselves and those around us makes for a happier soul.
  5. Sitting with sadness: Also one that I struggle with. I always think that there´s something wrong with me when I´m sad and that being sad is being weak but it is not. Sometimes we have good reasons in life to be sad (for more on this, read here). Make time for your sadness, sit with it and don´t put pressure on yourself for not being able to snap out of it. It too shall pass.
  6. Finally, make time for the things that make you happy: This one on the other hand, I am very good at :) I know that spending time with people I love makes me happy. So does practicing Yoga, doing Pilates, horse riding, surfing or just watching the sunset. 

These are my ultimate soul foods and they are just as powerful as reaching out for some really good chocolate (and that´s saying something!). They are all free, easy and available to us at no cost so I hope they are helpful to you in some way too!

"We only live once but if we do it right, once is enough" Mae West