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Forest Bathing: What It Is and Why It's Healthy

Wellness trends come and go, but we can always look to nature for timeless wisdom that’ll never go out of style. If you’ve taken a walk in the woods lately, you probably know what we mean. Read More

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How to get a good night sleep even after a shitty day!

Go to bed happy

What are your last thoughts before you go to sleep? Are they positive? Or are they anxious and negative?

Did you know that the quality of the thoughts you have before you go to sleep will not only affect the quality of your sleep but also the mood you are likely to wake up in?

This is why having positive thoughts before going to bed is so important! I've been practicing gratitude before I go to sleep ever since I read the book "The monk who sold his Ferrari" (if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it!).

Gratitude practice is a fancy name for a very simple practice. Basically all you do is take a few minutes of your time to focus on the things in life you are grateful for. You can do this in many different ways but what I recommend is the following. 

Before you go to sleep, think of 5 things to be grateful for in your life or in your day. Think of how lucky you are to have them and how happy they make you. Then let yourself go to sleep thinking about them. It's that easy! If you want to go one step further, get a journal and write them down. Keep the journal next to your bed and if you wake up during the night, open your journal and read them. And if you feel anxiety waking up, read them again. 

Even on a really shitty day we can all find things to be grateful for, like the fact that we live in a safe environment with a roof above our head and not in a war zone, that we have a warm blanket and a comfortable bed to sleep in, or the fact that we have a loving family & friends we can count on.

By shifting our thoughts to these positive elements in our lives it doesn't just put things back into perspective but it can help us get a good night sleep even after the shittiest day! And sleep is the nuts I say. We all know how much the quality of our sleep will affect our day so it's totally worth investing in!

We might not have the ability to choose what sometimes happens to us in life but we always have the ability to choose how we decide to view it and how much importance we let it take. 

I hope this is helpful in some way!

Maddy x

3:17 PM

May is meditation month!

Meditation matrix - how does it serve your body
Meditation is said to decrease stress, improve mental clarity, provide more energy, and foster creativity! It has also been scientifically proven to mitigate addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, cognitive function and even eating disorders!