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5:21 AM

Trying to lose weight by counting calories makes no sense - here´s why

Ask a class of 6 graders if 1000 calories of soda and 1000 calories of broccoli have the same effect on our bodies and you will be sure the answer will be a unanimous no. Yet most of the medical profession, the majority of nutritionists, our governments, the media and the food industry are still actively promoting the outdated, scientifically disproven idea that all calories are created equal and that as long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. To illustrate how absurd this equation is, we follow 750 calories of broccoli & 750 calories of soda once they enter your body. Read More

2:54 PM

How to eat out without freaking out!

Eating out is no excuse for not eating healthy. Here is my fail proof plan for eating out at restaurants! Read More